Today’s mini blog – your Land and your Sky

I though today to mention one very sweet beauty – a love to a place where you born.

While being an expat and calling myself as a world citizen rather then of one particular country, I must admit – I did not find in the world another place, where the air would be fresher, where the water would softer, where the landscape would be more plain so that you could see far far far over the rainbow… where could be sky with the clouds which are making marvelous shapes, where your feet feels so confortable standing on the ground, where food tastes better, where sea sounds like a whisper and where is just… home.

It’s been many years I am living in another country than I born, many years of travel of being “somewehere else” but not at the place you first time saw the sun.

I keep one rule – always respect the place you are in. Always accept the culture of the people living there prior you, their lifestyle, their way of thinking and love their country like you do yours. Be as good as you can so that you could benefit to its welfare. Be respectful, be grateful for all you have and for all the place is giving to you (new experience? Work? Better quality of life? New friends?..) be understanding, emphatetic… be carrying…

But there is always a feeling I am missing something. People might call it nostalgia. Yeah,  a bit… But I look at that feeling as at the beauty of one kind of love (there are so many of them and they all are so unique and enriching: Love to your parents, love your spouse, to your child, to your pet….) which is endless, which stays in your heart forever. Something what is given to you without a choice of yours. We cannot choose where and when to born?

It is a love which makes your heart beating faster when you know – you are coming back, even for those few days which run so fast, like a sand through your fingers…

It is a love which acctually does not object any person, which is absolutely not selfish… platonic.

It is a love which will always follow you and which may bring you in tears while reminding about yourself one evening…

It is a love which makes you confortable and while being platonic still giving back you a feeling of safety, a feeling of comming back home.

Always, forewer.

Love –








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