Hardness to sacrifice for another and the blessings comming out of it

This is a very hard topic to me. I am wondering how to put it in so short, – all what do I feel about it… Since I only able to publish mini blogs during the working days…

I was wondering about which beauty I could write today, and I found one which really does hurt, but which is a basis of love in this life. It is to sacrify for another.

We sacrify each day for somebody – for your child, for your spouse, for your friend, for your relative… or even for a colleague or a stranger…

Sometimes those sacrifices are so little so you barrely notice doing that.

But sometimes they are giant, crashing your shoulders. But be sure – you won’t crash! The sacrify – the stronger it is the bigger blessing it will bring into your life. So from the other point of view – it is a kind of “gift” for you from life… To challenge yourself, to deal with it, to coupe with yourself and to stay completely selfishness… When you wanna weep, but there are no tears left, when you feel you are about to give up, but you realise – you are the only one to that person for whom you sacrify yourself.

Then you need to be a rock. Never giving up, never trying to escape.

I was running in my minds through my life, and I realised how blessed with sacrifices I am. I would say unfortunatelly… but when you look into the result of it… you know – it was worth to carry on…

One example is my own mom. She was always a carrying person, but most of the time – looking to her life passing by, but not living it.

One day she got a very heavy, life threatening illness. On that time I was the only one there for her and my old grandparents who needed a help of mine too.

That was a super hard period of my life. A teenager, who needed to bring your own mom to the therapies, every day after lessons to catch the bus and to run to another city where she was in a hospital just to cheer her up. I knew – I MUST. I needed to carry on all her depression, all her sadness. NO, do not think that I am complaining or wanna appear as a hero! No way, I just want to give an example of my own, how it is worth to sacrify, because it is a blessing to you and the person you sacrify for.

It took several years to cope. Long long years… and the result – the health of my mom will never be the same. But now I see, she stopped watching her life passing by,  what she was used to do, wasting her own time. But now she lives it! And I know she changed everything in herself in a good way and became happier person. And what a blessing it gave to me? I was able to see whole colours of the life, and to stand near another in the hardest time, I became stronger myself and enriched my soul.

I had much more sacrifices to go through – little and big. Currently I am embrasing a large one which lasts already for more than 8 years. But I know – one day it will be over and the winner will be we – the person I sacrify for and myself.

Never give up, count your blessings, find a strenght into yourself to sacrify for the other every day and be greateful that somebody accepted your service. Because to accept it might be the hardess thing for another.

Love you all –





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