The Magic of Positivity

Today my little blog will be about, how I call,  a magic of being positive.

I have noticed thousand times, that the day goes completely (you will always have some sweet surprise or a luck following you) in a different way rather than expected, if you start it with a positive thought. I have witnessed it so many times, that I now always try to put my finding (and I guess of many others too) into the practice.

The secret is very simple – you just start a day with wishing good to others, sending blessings to them in your own minds.

E.g. on my way to the bus each morning, I think about my family members, of each separately, and I wish blessings to him (her) and a good luck. Then I try to do the same for as many people as I have time until I catch the bus or until my minds need to be occupied by another work. I wish good luck and blessings randomly, for other, e.g. for a person who you know is ill or in need of help, for your friend, for your relatives, for your neighbour(s), for your coworker, for your boss, for a person you don’t like (you shouldn’t have such negative feelings indeed, because you are the only one who receive harm, but not the person you hate / don’t like), for your enemy, for a person who have hurt you, for somebody who is currently struggling (maybe saw on TV or heard on the radio or read in the newspapers / journal?) and so on…

I have noticed that as much you ask for a luck (for the universe, for God, for a higher power – whatever you may call it) and send blessings to the person about who it is hard to think about (who hurts you, who wishes you bad and etc.) – your day will be even luckier!

I don’t know from where it comes. Probably because positive thoughts born positive actions in your life. There are so many theories and lectures in books and on the Internet – even hard to follow all of them… But what I wrote – I testify that it works perfectly to me, then I guess it could to all of you.

The only one thing – you need to practice it every day, what is really hard to do in this fast moving world. Even if it takes only few minutes of your morning (day?). But all is possible! Try it if you didn’t…

Love –



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