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Hi, World! Here I am…


Hi, you may call me DD, just as all beloved ones call me.

I launched this blog with an idea to relate myself to each woman, who wants to be loved, to be beautiful and spiritual… who is running through everyday life without having a little pause to stop and to think about herself, who only donates her heart, time and efforts to all, but not to herself… of course, men welcome here too! I may help you with some advise from the woman perspective, from her point of view… if needed.

Being a full time wife, full time mother, full time worker, full time daughter, sister, auntie, home cooker, home cleaner… Even a “mommy” of two doggies… IT IS A CHALLENGE!

When your routine starts at 6am and finishes at a midnight without having thinking about yourself only about the others – you may start feeling tired (understandable), useless (oh…thousand jobs per day have been done – isn’t a prove that you are a diamond?), even not so beautiful, not a woman (no way! Stop it – if you started!).

So I think it is necessary to “steal” that minute or two to yourself! And no, it is not selfishness to have some time to yourself. Remember, others feel how you “treat” and look at yourself and they behave with you based on that. Love yourself like you love the others, respect yourself how you respect the others and treasure yourself how you treasure your beloved ones. Because you are amazing, and amazing people are surrounded by other amazing people.

Before marriage I “was” an “art” person, I loved fashion, creating home design, sketching various ideas of interior design, even making unique clothes and accessories, painting pictures… and especially – writing…

However after the marriage I simply “forgot” all of that… all of myself.. I simply drown into the duties’ sea which requires being a perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect worker…. working the work which may pay, but not give the pleasure to your soul… indeed that is my case.

But now after some (oh, common… many!) years I have realized that there is something missing and that missing part in me – is art, design, fashion…writing!

However there are tons of wonderful fashion / design blogs, very professional, very beautiful and inspiring. However I realized, that I would like to relate my blog and myself to the “house” women, to the working woman, to the busy lady, facing each day various new tasks and rivers of emotions. I want to remind them all –  you are amazing and beautiful women! Then let’s have some ideas, how to bring the beauty into our daily life…

Clothes? You wanna change your style? You do not know what suits you? Haircut? It is boring? But you are scared to make an experiment? Make up? Hmm? Something new? Design? Do you wanna change something at your room, your kitchen, your bathroom, your garden? Accessories? What would suit for an important event, for the party, for any other occasion? Hey – I am here! We can brainstorm together! Any other daily queries are welcome too!

I am writing in a simple language, like I would write to any other friend. All pictures are original and mine, some made during professional photo session, some by myself or my husband.

I am sure we will have thoughtful, but fun time over here!

Let’s start!

Love you all –



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